Bath Strava Metro 2015

A visualisation of Strava Metro data for the city of Bath during 2015

Layers contain 2015 totals or averages of various cycling metrics for roads & junctions. Data are not available outside the city boundary, although some geographic features may extend outside. "Forward" & "reverse" indicate journeys in opposite directions along roads (just show/hide both together). Average speeds are an approximation based on travel times along roads. Accident locations are also approximate.

Zoom in to see values, where available. Use the Layers panel to show or hide data layers or groups of layers. Click on map features to view detailed information about them. Use the Waypoints panel and tools to manage waypoints for a fly-through (A sample fly-through is included). The map can be rotated by holding SHIFT while moving the mouse or tilted in 3 dimensions using SHIFT+UP/DOWN. Selected layers, waypoints & theme are saved between sessions.

Figures are provided for illustrative purposes only.

Data licensed from Strava. Some data © Open Street Map contributors. Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right (2015). Contains Department of Transport data.

Brought to you by Mark Owen as part of a Bath: Hacked project with the kind participation of Strava Metro.



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